Behind The Green Door
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Chaos Cooking - “Stepping Away From The Chaos”

Role: Producer, Director, Editor, and Original Music

Client: Chaos Cooking

This video was produced as a fundraising video for a social cooking platform experiment called Chaos Cooking. I directed and edited the video and my friend Chris Vernale shot this on his Canon C300. I had originally wanted a specific song, but couldn’t obtain the rights, so I composed my own from scratch.

Pearson - “Pan-Pearson Hackathon 2012”

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Audio, Editor, and Music.

Client: Pearson

Producer: Rota 6

I was asked to direct this video for the Pan-Pearson Hackathon in New York City at the Pearson Headquaters by my friends over at Rota6. I arrived at the event and conducted all of the interviews, master and broll shots, and all audio single-handedly. I shot this on a Canon 7D with Canon EF L-Series 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm lenses. Pearson also licensed my original music track titled “Clouds”.

This video was intended to showcase the 2012 Hackathon at Pearson and the developers who demonstrate the possibilities of Pearson’s API (Application Program Interface) to create new fun interactive games and apps.

Lifecare - "25th Anniversary Video" 

Roles: Associate Producer, Camera, and Editing

Client: Lifecare

Agency: Milk

I was asked to help produce and shoot the 25th Anniversary video to reminisce about the history and development of Lifecare. Shot on a Sony Z1u.

Nike - “Let Me Play: Girls Basketball Championship”

Role: Editor

Client: Dime Magazine